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Federal Cycles is your local independent motorcycle shop in the Washington, DC area for quick services like oil changes and tires. We're located in College Park, Maryland, just 5 miles from DC. We also serve all of Maryland, including Baltimore. We are happy to work on any modern Japanese motorcycle for the services listed below.

Our Core Values

1 create excellence, 2 pursue passion, 3 keep it honest open and transparent, 4 stay unified, 5 drive change, 6 be clean safe and organized, 7 give back, 8 enjoy the ride!

Brands we work on

Scooters: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Vespa, Genuine, Kymco, Lance, SYM, Bintelli, Wolf, Puma, Peace, Tao Tao

Motorcycles: Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki (newer than 2003 for all)

Motorcycle Service List

These are the services we currently complete on motorcycles. For anything outside of this, please message us for a shop recommendation.

  • Tire Changes

  • Oil + Filter Changes

  • Light Bulbs

  • Cables

Our Shop Rate


Minimum diagnostic charge for repairs: $53 for scooters, $88 for motorcycles

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